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Types of Newspaper Ads


❶Brought to you by Techwalla. The major types of newspaper advertising are display and classified.

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This type of newspaper advertising is about the same size as a business card and is commonly used as a platform for the advertiser to introduce him or herself to the reader.

Much like the classified ads, these ads are grouped together, but they may be color or black and white, depending on what the advertiser pays and what options the newspaper offers. Unlike the classifieds, these ads attract more attention, because the advertiser can use a design, pictures and words to draw in the reader.

Sale and coupon ads are similar newspaper advertising units, with the difference being that sale ads display a sale for everyone, while coupon ads have a coupon the reader has to bring to receive the discount. There are usually different sizes for this ad, such as quarter-page, half-page and full-page, and most newspapers will offer color printing for a higher price.

This ad attracts much attention, because it alerts the reader to a sale, and the design and size of the ad will make many readers scan the ad, even if they are not initially interested. Spadeas are unique newspaper ads that are highly appealing because they act as a bit of a nuisance. This ad is attached to the spine of the newspaper and wraps around to the front cover, forcing the reader to move the ad to read the front page. The ad requires interaction, so nearly all readers will at least glance at the advertisement.

Every area is different, and some newspapers have more readers than others. A good way to find out how effective advertising in a newspaper in your area will be is to check subscription rates, or to ask the advertising sales staff which days are best to run ads for special events like yours. Ocelot60 Post 2 raynbow- I think that newspaper advertising is probably going to be the most economical way for your to advertise your event.

Since you are putting it on for a non-profit organization, you may even be able to get a discounted price for your ad. Another way that you can get the best price for your group's advertising budget is to compare prices. Buying placements for an extended period typically leads to a lower per-ad rate. An insert ad is a full-page or postcard insert included with the distribution of a newspaper issue. The advertiser's rate is based largely on circulation, though you do pay for the production costs on the flyer as well.

Insert pricing ranges anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars in large markets. A primary advantage of an insert ad is that it stands alone. Readers pull the insert out of the paper to look at it. Retailers often use insert flyers to deliver coupon sheets and promotional announcements aimed at drawing a crowd. Also, newspapers typically allow you to distribute inserts to select markets, enabling greater cost control.

As a result, inserts are a lower-cost alternative to direct mail for many small businesses. A budget-strapped small-business operator may turn to classified ads to deliver messages.

The classifieds section of a newspaper is divided up into categories, and targets consumers and small businesses. You can run a classified ad that is text-based or image-based. Major retail chains, automakers, and airlines are heavy users of newspaper advertising. Classified Advertising Classified advertising also provides newspapers with a substantial amount of revenue.

These ads are arranged under subheads according to the product, service, or offering being advertised. Employment, real estate, and automotive are the three major categories of classified advertising. While most classified ads are just text set in small type, some newspapers also accept classified display advertising.

These ads are run in the classified section of the paper but use illustrations, larger type sizes, white space, borders, and even color to stand out. Special Ads and Inserts Special advertisements in newspapers include a variety of government and financial reports and notices and public notices of changes in business and personal relationships.

Other types of advertising in newspapers include political or special-interest ads promoting a particular candidate, issue, or cause. Preprinted inserts are another type of advertising distributed through newspapers.

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Sometimes the Advertising Manager visits the State Capitals and throws parties to meet the business executives of advertising agencies and big firms. The Virtues of the Advertisement Manager: The Advertising Manager of the newspaper must be a keen businessman, well known and popular among high-ups in business and trade.

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They often are known as box ads, because they occupy a square or rectangular space, similar to a box, within a particular newspaper page. The larger the space, the greater the expense. However, half-page or full-page display .

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The two types of display advertising in newspapers are local and national (general). Local advertising refers to ads placed by local organizations, businesses, and individuals who want to communicate with consumers in the market area served by the newspaper. Aug 06,  · Newspaper advertising is a popular method for drawing attention to a business, a garage sale or a service being offered. To most effectively advertise one's event or business, there are several types of newspaper advertising options that differ in size, placement, shape and cost.

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Types of Advertisers: Classified Text – This is the most basic form of newspaper advertising and can be afforded by advertisers with any kind of budget. Text ads are priced as per the number of words or letters or lines it consumes. In addition to that you can make your ad more prominent with the help of ad enhancements which include . Advertising has evolved into a vastly complex form of communication, with literally thousands of different ways for a business to get a message to the consumer. Today's advertisers have a vast array of choices at their disposal.