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A single religion, or. A single point of view on "hot" religious topics, or. A single point of view on controversial social problems. Slavery has been almost completely eliminated in much of the world. However near-slavery is still a serious problem in some areas of the world. Other conflicts which have been largely resolved.

Transgender persons -- Equal rights and protections for those who experience gender dysphoria. These are individuals whose gender identity conflicts with the gender that they were assigned at birth.

This topic became prominent as a result of a federal bill in the U. Supreme Court ruled that gay marriages were to be available across the country, the attention of many religious and social conservatives rapidly switched from opposing same-sex marriage to opposing equal rights for transgender persons and transsexuals.

Debate on this topic is expected to accellerate rapidly in the near future, even though only about 0. Marriage is an amazingly flexible institution. It has taken many forms in various cultures and eras. It has not always been restricted to a union of two spouses. The current record holder for man with the largest collection of wives appears to be Solomon in the Bible. He is reported as having wives and concubines. Abortion access including methods of reducing the abortion rate Capital punishment Climate change, global warming, and the environment Racism Sexual minorities: Equal rights for homosexuals and bisexuals including same-sex marriage and homosexual references in the Bible Recognition and equal rights for trangender persons.

Mental and physical therapies and treatments: Psychological and other hoaxes. Facilitated communication for people with Autism and other communication disorders. Faith healing via prayer vs. The HPV vaccine and cervical cancer. Recovered Memory therapy RMT. Ending discrimination in hospital visitation. Psychiatric service dogs for people with mental disabilities. Religion in the public schools. School library book censorship. Condoms in the schools, sex-ed, and pre-marital sex.

Posting the Ten Commandments in public schools. Past abuse in residential schools for Native students in Canada. Anti-bullying "wear pink" day. Faith-based, government financed schools. Changes in marriage, marriage in the Bible, marriage amendment to the U. Constitution, covenant marriages, same-sex marriages, inter-faith marriages, handfasting, polygamy Other items in alphabetic order: Clergy sexual abuse of children and youth.

Cloning of humans ; Therapeutic cloning. Discriminating against people motivated by religious belief. Corporal punishment of children Spanking. Cremation and burial in the Bible. Cremation among present-day Judeo-Christians. Embryo and stem cell research. Euthanasia and assisted suicide. Medical management of pain. Female Genital Mutilation a. An essay by contributing editor Susan Humphreys. An essay by Contributing Editor, Susan Humphreys. The Harry Potter books children's imaginative fiction.

Hate groups in the U. Homosexual marriages We prefer the term "same-sex marriage" as being more inclusive. The power of "WE: In heaven or a Jerusalem tomb. Christian paper acknowledges and stresses on the monotheistic concept and believes Jesus to be the Messiah. The Christian paper presents the views that Jesus was resurrected from the dead to live forever in heaven and redeem the sinners.

A Christian paper by our experts for instance will present all these facts and more for your need. All these facts of the religion provide unique scope of further research in the Christian paper with which our writers can do proper justice. Our Christian paper will offer interesting topics that you can work on as your research paper.

The concept of holy trinity- the father, the son and the Holy Spirit is fascinating and is a challenge that our Christian paper poses for the students to explore. The Christian paper also encourages the theology students to study the Holy Bible. Christian paper provides interesting scope of studies as the modern era identifies three divisions of Christianity. If you are preparing for a term paper on Christianity, we can help you choose from the whole lot of available Christian essay topics.

Moreover while preparing a Christian term paper our people rely upon the Bible as the best handbook.

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I humbly submit these essays and blog posts in the hope that you will hear a voice of reason in today's world of doubt. For a list of my personally recommended links to in-depth resources on Christian apologetics, see this page.

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Essay on christianity: free examples of essays, research and term papers. Examples of christianity essay topics, questions and thesis satatements.

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Christianity is a complex belief system with a long and complicated history. This lesson provides essay topics focused on helping students connect. Writing a Christian essay without compromising on the details is made possible for you by the profession custom essay writers here. Custom Made Christian Essays on any Topic The Christian papers deal with birth, death, and resurrection of Christ and provide .

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Christianity Research Paper Topic Suggestions. Anabaptist Spirituality and Nachfolge Christi Belief - Anabaptist Spirituality and Nachfolge Christi Belief research papers discuss the radical Reformation movement that influenced their way of life.. Anglican Church - In the United States, the Anglican Church flourished in the east mainly due to the “freedom of religion” basis the country was. The professional staff at is well versed in Christian studies paper topics and can provide work and research from a pure Christian perspective, from an academic perspective or from a blended perspective depending on the needs of the student.; Tags: Christian Studies,Christianity,The Bible,The New Testament,The Old Testament.