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RACE to Answer

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❶Why does Laurie invent Charles?

Introducing the RACE Method

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Answering the Constructed Response Essay Question

Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Restate the Question You must first know what the question is asking. You will use the question to form a focused topic sentence Step 2: Give a concise, logical answer Step 3: Cite Evidence Select appropriate examples from the text to support your answer Tell which piece of evidence you used Use specific details Quotes don't need to be super long!

Explain your Answer Explain how the evidence you gave makes your point Demonstrate your understanding of the question through your response Example: In Document 2, it stated they often worked 7 days a week because they had to grow food for the manor and themselves. Also, Document 4 stated that serfs "also had very little freedom because both landowners and church leadership could tell them what to do. Orange-explanation of answer Life for serfs in the Middle Ages was very difficult.

Sum it Up Your last sentence should be a summary of your entire paragraph. Restate your topic sentence in a different way. In conclusion, a serf in the Middle Ages would have had an incredibly difficult life.

So your entire paragraph should look like: Life for serfs in the Middle Ages was very difficult. Use this in ANY class when you are asked to write a constructed response! Popular presentations See more popular or the latest prezis. Blog 31 August Prezi at Dreamforce The proof of concept Latest posts. Creating downloadable prezi, be patient.

Delete comment or cancel. Here is a helpful resource on the RACE method. First, I will present the goal: Then, we will set the stage by outlining exactly what it is that I will do as the teacher and they will do as the student.

Next we will discuss strategies that have worked for them in the past, and make our learning plan. We will revisit the plan often over the next week! Now it is time to learn the strategy. I will share it with them and have them write it in their reading notebooks. E xplain how your evidence helps answer the question. Why does Laurie say that all the other children play with Charles even though they are told not to? I will model the process of each part of RACE, and then the students will write their first answer with a partner.

For example, "Laurie says that all the other children play with Charles even though they are told not to because When it is time to answer the question, I ask them what they think. Why did Charles say this? I record their answers on the board, and they will choose an answer with their partner. I ask them to put one finger on the evidence and the other hand in the air so that I can make sure the evidence was appropriate.

Then, I'll have students share out some of the evidence, and I'll show it on the document camera. Having the students explain their evidence is the most difficult part for most students. After students have finished writing, they will trade with another person. They will write the appropriate letter next to the sentence. Afterwards, they will discuss the results and give feedback to each other.

I want my students to really understand if they are using this method correctly, and it is not easy at first. I think that discussing this with a partner will really help them sort through this process and begin to understand it.

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R.A.C.E.S. is a strategy that helps students answer short response questions in writing. Step 1: Restate the Question You must first know what the question is asking.

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stem to write your topic sentence. Answer the question - make sure to answer all parts of the question. If there are two questions, you should answer each question in its own paragraph. Cite evidence from the text. - You MUST RACE strategy Author: Joseph DeAngelis Created Date.

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The RACE Strategy. Answering open-ended response questions is an important task in fourth grade. We do this using the RACE strategy. We start off by R estating the question, A nswer the question C iting examples from the text, then E xplain how the EVIDENCE from the text supports your answer.. RACE Strategy for answering Questions about Reading. R ESTATE the question. R.A.C.E Writing Strategy Card: How to Answer Constructive Response Prompts Are your students ready for the PARCC? Standardized tests? Looking for a way to teach, "how to cite evidence?" --The RACE acronym has been around for as long as I can remember.4/5().

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RACE Writing Strategy: Anchor Chart & Planning Page The RACE writing strategy can be used answer constructed response and short answer questions. Restate, Answer, Cite, Explain Planning page comes color coded to match the graphic organizer as well as black and white. R.A.C.E.S: A Writing Strategy 1. Restate the question. I think or I believe 2. Answer the question I think EAUSE I believe EAUSE 3. Cite evidence to support answer In the reading passage. Or In the story.. 4. Expand/Explain How does it all fit together? 5. Sum it up. Closing statement but you do not restate what you have already said.