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Admission Essay Help for the Stanford University

How You Can Write the Stanford University Essays

❶In another sense, you could suggest ways of overcoming the challenge that you have presented. They have a twist of entertainment and seriousness too.

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If you settled on a particular theme, make sure that it reflects in your whole essay. Briefly describe an extracurricular activity that you engage in or any work experience you might have. Thus, be decisive and use this short essay to give as much information as you can on the extracurricular activities you may have been involved in. You could pick one of the school activities that you may have had a hand in creating. Select also those that were unique to your school only.

It makes a greater impact. Choose one of the least impressive clubs or societies and shed it in a glorious way and how you were passionately participating in its activities. A good example could be of sharing an experience of a job that entailed working with kids. Such a job requires one to cultivate patience. Relate how you were able to be patient all through. Another example could be of writing about some religious society, taking music lessons, playing for a cricket team at some tournament, etc.

Showing commitment is quite important as it gives you the requisite content. The word limit will render it impossible. Such an exercise would be in futility. It will also be making your work redundant since you will be repeating what was previously mentioned. You can continue to describe what you learned. Show your personality in every instance you can. For example, show that you are a family person and that you spare some time for them.

Or you could show that you are a prudent person who knows how to plan by virtue of working to save for school. The Stanford fraternity is largely curious and motivated to learn both in the classroom and outside. Reflect on a thought or experience that motivates you to learn. This is one of the longer prompts of your essay. It literally takes you back to your classroom experiences, school experiences, or home study times.

Try and do an honest soul searching to see which of the above gave you the best learning experience. Narrating this experience should give you a sense of fulfillment; just like any nerd. This prompt is your platform to showcase all your study experiences and intellect. The response above shows a genuine passion for studying without focusing too much on the narrative. The response above was presented by a Stanford student, class of , Philosophy major. The student presented the essay so well. The admission officer that read the essay was probably impressed by the hunger for knowledge that was prevalent.

The childhood application that the writer used was exceptional and was probably what engaged the reader in the first place. As you embark on writing your own essay, avoid some basic phrases such as: It is the make or break point of your admission into the Stanford student fraternity. If you doubt this, then compare the two examples above. Just like all college essays, the premise is on introducing yourself to the admission officers in a wholesome way, telling them your best qualities and experiences and why the experience chosen is of much significance to you.

Majority of Stanford students live on campus. This essay aims at bringing out the social side of you. It steers away from official and academic activities and brings in a relaxed atmosphere in which one can write about themselves. All it requires is for you to write about your personality. The approach is quite open compared to other application essays which are more specific. Stanford envisioned a situation like this, hence the reason as to why they added a second essay that requires you to exclusively talk about yourself and express your personality.

The main objective of Stanford is for you to display the perfect image of your character that will be distinct from all the essays that will be submitted. If you are not sure of what to write, picture yourself in front of the panel of admission officers. You are given the chance to introduce yourself and present your pitch without using any of your accolades, awards, and certifications.

What is the first thing that will come to mind? If this was a real letter to your roommate at Stanford, what important thing about you would you like to tell them if they are going to live with you? Another case could be as follows: Imagine you are being interviewed as Stanford alumni. What topics would you gladly present? Reflect on this questions deeply. Gauge whether there is some meaning that you would want to share. You can have a look at the third prompt to ascertain what really matters and why it matters to you.

This could be a great substitute for the roommate prompt. If your response is bound to be non-causal, then format your essay as a formal letter or a just an ordinary two paragraph essay. In the case where there are no important topics to cover on the less casual side that you want to convey, you can use a little tact. You can create your miscellaneous essay to cover what you desire.

Arguably, this is one of the few prompts that are actually enjoyable to write. They have a twist of entertainment and seriousness too. On the side of the admission officers, it is a great prompt to read since it presents an array of different topics that border on weird and fun.

Some guides encourage students to use this prompt to explore their peculiar sides. They advised them to write about their interests, hobbies and generally their weird personal sides. But they strongly discouraged them from covering controversial themes such as politics. You might not want to rub someone wrongly by joking about a certain political outfit or by openly showing favor or disfavor to a certain political ideology. If you want to put the essay in the letter format, simply open with a brief and succinct greeting, like: Find a balance in between.

For you to come up with content, you can craft a list of fun facts about yourself. Sometimes, it can prove difficult to create good material that reflects your personality. It is even harder when you have to do it on a computer.

But you can take your time throughout the day to think retrospectively about what you enjoy. The following are sample notes that you can write at different times of the day.

This might require you to use a reminder or to make a mental note:. We hope you noticed how long you can write in this section. When it comes to writing about oneself, there is no limit to what you can say. One could literally write volumes about themselves because everyone is good at describing themselves. Mention some of the activities that you might carry out together.

You can also mention some critical things that you would want your roommate to know. This in a way lets you stay on course with your prompt. You can just put some few traits and habits and elaborate on each. This is just an example of what you could write. It is not to be taken as the ultimate way of writing this essay. There are many ways in which you choose to write the essay. The example above is good to guide you through.

You can rightly see how displaying your passions can have a great impact. It shows that you are versatile and diverse as a person. We experienced it too! This prompt has one ulterior motive, which is for the applicant to directly mention what matters to them as persons. A typical admission officer would want to see the story behind the story.

The passion, motivations, and drive that is characteristic of you besides from the normal academic sphere. This is the test that ultimately seals the deal. Passing this test directly translates to an admission as you will be regarded as a good fit for the institution. Therefore, you would want to put your best foot forward when writing this essay. Write intelligently with a touch of diversity of interest and skill.

A closer look at the prompt reveals an open avenue for giving captivating responses. This is arguably the most important part of the essay. The other part that dictates you to highlight what matters to you, anything can work.

Any response can be sufficient. Even the most obvious ones. In another light, you could convey the same message in an effective and tactful way. You could talk about some mentors that you interacted with in your nanotechnology club who made an effort to reach out to you.

They even went to great miles to create more time and expend on extra training so that you can gain vital skills as a member. Try to bring this story in a light that shows how you ended up building your confidence and was inspired to help others in the same way. This will draw a parallel to the WHY question. You could also write about how you fostered the creation of a suicide awareness and anti-bullying club. This was after you saw the plight of students in the school who were falling to both vices at an alarming rate.

Refrain from making it sound like a speech. You can read it aloud to ascertain that it has objectivity. However, historical concepts and physics laws can apply. If you choose to go this direction, you should be wary of the implications. There is a high possibility that it could get cold and abstract. Even so, it presents an opportunity for you to shine and show your intellectual prowess. You may talk about the microwave. It is a symbol of efficiency in life and this represents your overall outlook on life.

You endeavor to get tasks done swiftly. It is all up to you to come up with a creative twist by incorporating an object and any other interesting thing. Do you feel that you are still stuck? Well, you can settle on the sentiment that what you spend your time on is deemed as what you love. We know that this cannot be helpful if you spend most of your time on gaming, school activities or even sleeping.

However, if you spend some substantial time in activities such as organizing your room, you can use it to your advantage. Reiterate that you are a person who loves order and organization. Let this be your selling point. Indulge your reader as to the sight of order in your room gives you the perfect balance in both mind and spirit.

It also makes you partake activities in their rightful schedules. You can easily turn around the essay to become one of life balance in family, school, extracurricular activities, friends, social circles, recreation, etc.

Maintain that the key to a meaningful life is by having a perfect balance between all these aspects. Just like your room which stays orderly, your life should reflect the same. The key to success with your Stanford application essay is creating an incentive for yourself to move you to work.

It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma-anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale.

Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution. Discuss an accomplishment or event, formal or informal, that marked your transition from childhood to adulthood within your culture, community, or family. Stanford students possess an intellectual vitality. Reflect on an idea or experience that has been important to your intellectual development. Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate—and us—know you better.

The essay should describe succinctly your reasons for applying to the proposed program at Stanford, your preparation for this field of study, study and research interests, future career plans, and other aspects of your background and interests which may aid the admissions committee in evaluating your aptitude and motivation for graduate study. Essays help us learn about who you are rather than solely what you have done.

Other parts of the application give insight to your academic and professional accomplishments; the essays reveal the person behind those achievements. Begin work on these essays early, and feel free to ask your friends and mentors to provide constructive feedback. If those closest to you do not think your essay captures who you are, we will not be able to recognize what is distinctive about you. While asking for feedback is suggested, do not enlist hired assistance in the writing of your essays.

Metro Area — 4, Greater Seattle Area — 4, Google — 2, Apple — 1, Cisco — Oracle — Microsoft — Engineering — 18, Education — 16, Research — 15, Entrepreneurship — 14, Information Technology — 9, Consulting — 9, Media and Communication — 7, Operations — 7, Essay Editors that may help Ben M.

Stanford I had wonderful experiences at Stanford , the reputation is well deserved. The professors were excellent I had contact with. My fellow students were most impressive their intellect. The classes were not necessarily more difficult though or professors better than my undergraduate experience at Occidental College which is ranked well, but not very top.

Professors at Occidental I preferred, knew better, more involved, just not as well known in their fields in regards to research, but better teachers.

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Top 42 Successful Stanford Essays. These college essays are from students who got accepted at Stanford them to get inspiration for your own essays and knock the socks off those admissions officers!

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Author and Ivy League graduate Christopher Hunt - the coach who helped quadruplets get into Harvard and Yale - provides one-on-one guidance for college essays.

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The essay should describe succinctly your reasons for applying to the proposed program at Stanford, your preparation for this field of study, study and research interests, future career plans, and other aspects of your background and interests which may aid the admissions committee in evaluating your aptitude and motivation for graduate study. Undergraduate Admission at Stanford University--one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions. The Coalition Application and Common Application personal statement topics as well as the Stanford essay questions are listed here. Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your.

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Extracurricular activities and recommendations help inform admission committees what you do in and out of class, but rarely serve to significantly differentiate applicants. The essay is often a deciding factor, conveying information to the admissions committee about your personality, values, creativity or other intangible qualities sought after. Application and Essays. Stanford Short Essay Questions. Please write a short essay in response to each of the below three essay topics. There is a word minimum and a word maximum for each essay. Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate—and us—know you better.