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Athletes As Role Models Essay

❶Ronaldo is one of the most giving athletes in the world, building schools on the Gaza Strip, rebuilding after earthquakes, donating entire wings to hospitals, and paying for patients to test experimental drugs for cancer. This university has taught me things that I not only will use for my career but for the balance in my life

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This paper explains why athletes are good role models.
Essays on Athletes as role models

On the other hand, athletes make a lot of money and that money is thanks to the fans they have, so, in a way, the athletes owe it to their fans to give back. They are in a position that allows them to be very influential, and it is only ethical for them to not behave poorly, as that is only promoting that behavior in others. Many athletes will visit children in the community who are sick, for example. However, if a player was asked to visit children in a hospital, for example, and they said no, then I think that shows very bad character in the athlete.

Sports are extremely popular, and the athletes will no doubt become role models, simply by playing the sport. The position of them being in the public eye comes with the responsibility of not behaving in a way that promotes poor behaviors. Their amazing talents on the playing surface does enough to provide hope to children of achieving big things.

However, athletes should feel some obligation to give back to the community. Works Cited LeMier, K. Relationship Between Athletes and Role Models.

Write My Essay Sample: Social Cap Essay Writing Sample: On the other hand, despite these athletes who have undeniably good lifestyle and health, undoubtedly there are also sports people who have a vast popularity but haven't got a bit of ethic. In spite of their bulk money, they waste the money whimsically. But they don't choose to do a charity instead. So it is evident that these people's lifestyle cannot be a prime example for youth. Thus professional athletes should not neglect their daily life and must take their role on youth into account.

Again, the way they appear in front of media, they fashion trends that follow and the way they speak or behave are often mimicked by people.

They are already role models for many and they can positively influence others, especially the young generation. A new hairstyle by David Beckham would definitely become a fashion trend among many youngsters.

They can definitely become the role model of many young people especially who have passions for sports. The good example the sports persons set through personal life, appearance, charity works can create a very positive image to others and thus they have a greater influence on the young generation. To sum up, in spite of the youth can be easily manipulated by other people, the professional athletes through their works and behaviours can set positive examples and can become role models for the young generation.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample 301 - Professional athletes make good role models for young people

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Athletes as Role Models essays In today's world, sport stars and other athletes are looked up to by all ages. Everyone loves them. They look great in the eyes of the everyday public. They appear on television, they perform like rock stars, and do this with the entire world watching. No wonder w.

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Athletes as Role Models Essay Words | 4 Pages. True role models are those who possess the qualities that we would like to have. Role models are those who have affected us in ways that influence us to be better people.

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These athletes are the ones that propose questions over whether athletes should be considered role models or not. A role model can be defined as a person whose behavior, example or success is or can be emulated by others, especially young people. Free Essay: True role models are those who possess the qualities that we would like to have. Role models are those who have affected us in ways that.

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Professional Athletes as Role Models. Sports have played a major role in society since the beginning of man. From the Greeks to present day, the influence of great athletes has been tremendous. However, today's media has elevated sports and the people who play them. Athletes are seen all over the /5(11). First Draft: Athletes as Role Models. Sports and athletic games is a very popular way of entertainment that has played a major role in people life and since the first years of man existence.