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Jared Redick, Executive Resume Writer | San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York

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❶There were a few areas that felt redundant at the time, but ultimately were asking similar questions in different ways and therefore elicited different responses which proved useful in the end.

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He is a very strong writer, communicator and trainer. Great Results, Personable, High Integrity. Great Results, Personable, Good Value. Working with you helped me identify that I had a knack for building successful sales teams. More importantly, I had a talent for rebuilding teams that were in trouble. I needed to work on developing relationships with industry professionals. I needed to join professional groups for career development, mentoring, networking, etc.

I needed to read industry publications. That I had a much more impressive story to tell about myself than I thought. That I didn't have to apologize or explain that it all fits together and makes sense.

When he and I first started working together, I didn't have a clear idea about marketing myself professionally using the modern tools available. Jared immediately showed me how to wisely use social media tools like LinkedIn. He emphasized nurturing one's network, which was a hard thing for me to grasp but which I've started to embrace. Thirdly, I learned about the importance of joining groups and professional clubs.

It's an active marketing tool that can be used for many things like promoting business, networking, and employment. I'm a procrastinator who needs to have clear deadlines. That I have a lot of skills that I hadn't really thought about until I actually started putting it down on paper.

I learned about the qualities I have that would be important to a company. Perhaps more importantly, we developed a career path going forward instead of a quick, one-time profile. I learned about engaging in the process. I'd never really created an aggregate picture of my career successes.

This process encouraged me to think deeply across my experiences and roles to form a complete picture of my career trajectory. The subsequent sum of all the accomplishments yielded an impressive profile that I wouldn't have been able to create on my own.

Additionally, I spent a lot of time thinking about what I did NOT want to do in the future, which is arguably more important than the inverse. One-on-one time on the phone getting to know who I am. I could tell you were sincere and took pride in your work based on our conversation. Jared's coaching and mentoring. Jared's knowledge and positive personality. Looking forward to seeing Jared's transformation of my own writing into something that looked and sounded highly professional.

The questionnaire or at least the outcome of the questionnaire 2. The hard work of introspection 2. The stringing my career out and seeing how the timeline of it was sort of magical 3. I have really enjoyed the partnership with Jared as professional soundboard.

He is great to work with and very knowledgeable about the latest trends in career development and job getting. Also Jared shows a high degree of professionalism in his work, which is appreciated.

He is someone you can trust. You offered to meet with me in person; English is my second language and you were willing to work with me at your office. You helped to strategize the feel of what I wanted to convey. That is one of the most amazing aspects of your skills. This taught me a lot about how to use my time when looking for employment. Forcing myself to look at thing from a lot of different angles. Having someone else to format and put things together. Having the support during a painful process.

Enjoy may not be the right word, but I appreciated the hard work soul searching needed. Speaking with Jared and being able to look at something from a different POV. Rigorous, linear process 2.

Creative, collaborative brainstorming 3. Depth of thinking required. I get good feedback on both my LinkedIn profile and my website. They help to bring me business. I've received nothing but good feedback. I've also received a high percentage of call backs when I've decided to search for new opportunities.

Most were impressed by its substance and appearance on the page. One recruiter contact gave some very honest, constructive feedback on the first version which led to Jared and me reworking it. Many different people responded to my updated LinkedIn profile.

So far everyone has loved it: After that, Jared was willing to make a few small tweaks and continue content development to ensure that I was ultimately happy with the final, final document. To be honest I wasn't too excited about filling out a questionnaire. However, it was a great exercise. It helped me pull out things about myself that I tend to take for granted or under value.

I thought the questionnaire was very overwhelming at first, and wasn't sure what all the questions meant, but after asking Jared, I was able to identify the questions that were related to my industry and level of experience.

The questionnaire was painful at times but provided a necessary foundation for the job ahead. But the fact that I had invested so much more than I was planning to spend made me stick with it. I was in overwhelm, with the classic entrepreneur's rant, "unemployed and unemployable, that's why I have my own company.

My pain point was, how do I find somebody to extract all the varied and valuable skills, initiatives and accomplishments I've had the last ten years of running my own businesses? Luckily, I found Brian. His process is very in-depth, consisting of a two hour onboarding interview, a follow-up revision session, and as many drafts and edits of your resume as needed until I was happy.

I also had him re-create my LinkedIn profile. The end product is exactly what I wanted and needed and I'm so glad that I chose him to do the work. His rates are very, very reasonable, quite a bit less than others I'd found, and the quality of the work, extraordinary. Plus he's a world-traveler, author and musician, so the side conversations are great as well. I was referred to Kaitlin from a coworker who spoke very highly of her and the resume writing and editing services she provided.

He received a promotion earlier in the year after working with Kaitlin on his resume and job application materials. I was in the process of applying for a promotion at work and felt my resume, cover letter, and supplemental questions needed some improvements. I contacted Kaitlin and she responded immediately. I had less than a week to meet the deadline to submit my application materials and Kaitlin was available to meet with me several times.

I was so appreciative that she could find the time to work with me on such short notice. It was very easy to communicate with her via phone, Skype, and email while we worked on the editing process remotely. I had a very pleasant experience working with Kaitlin. She is very professional, easy to work with, has great writing and editing skills, and will provide you with wonderful guidance throughout the entire process.

Kaitlin also provided me with the confidence to do well in the interview process. After reviewing past job experiences in detail and working on a few writing assignments Kaitlin assigned, I was able to identify what I should highlight during my interviews. I walked out of both interviews feeling very confident in myself.

After going through the interview process I received great news that I received the promotion! Emma is my editor of choice for essays, resumes and cover letters. Her excellent advice had helped me earn scholarships, land jobs and get into graduate school! I have been working with several editors on different writing projects. Meghan is my best editor so far out of all of them. When she does my work, she knows exactly what she is talking about.

She pays attention to details. She is not greedy for money. She is fast in meeting deadlines. I am still working with her and recommend her for any of your writing projects. Addy helped me edit my Master's Thesis proposal, a grueling 27 page document for which concision and clarity was key. The requirements of the proposal included many pieces with incredibly short writing constraints pages for the literature review for instance.

I was really struggling to explain my questions, and thought process, while justifying my methodological approach in such limited spaces. Addy was able to help me slash and burn proposal, synthesizing all of my writing. My proposal is now direct, active and engaging in a way that I couldn't have made it myself.

Along with incredibly generous line editing, Addy offered feedback for the overall structure and voice, and helped make my proposal academic and grounded in lived experience.

I was interested in opening my long proposal with a one paragraph anecdote and unsure as to whether this approach was working in the way I wanted it to.

Addy assured me after some adjusting that this was a way to "show rather than tell" the reader how the artwork I am exploring is emotionally engaging. This moment in our editing process showed that she had a comprehensive understanding of voice, readership, and my goals as a writer. She helped me stay calibrated and maintain my own writing voice while always considering the requirements of the text. I intend to return to Addy throughout my Master's Thesis project for the rest of the year.

I am a fast, lively writer and editor. As an editor, I am fastidious. I have experience writing and editing for all kinds of venues, including newspapers, magazines, blogs and websites. It's not a career test. It won't tell you the color of your parachute.

It will give you a dose of what's possible. Email inquiries to info theresumestudio. If a career change is on your horizon, you need choices and tools to make strategic decisions. Life should be lived, not endured Careers should be purposefully shaped Career changers need a roadmap New rules to an old game can be learned Inspiring things start happening when I speak with professionals around the world about re-imagining their careers.

Career Discovery First, the realization that their careers can be strategically directed puts them at ease and unlocks the possibility of new beginnings.

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